Saturday, August 06, 2005


Every Blogger Counts is an organisation set up to ensure that children and parents are at the centre of the NZ government's policy development and implementation. Our key policy goals are:
1. Ensure children and parents are central to all policy development and implementation
2. Ensure every child gets a good start, and every parent can give them one.
3. Eliminate child poverty
4. Reduce child abuse and neglect without banning smacking.
Maybe you would like to take action yourself after having browsed around our website and checked out the links on the sidebar. Perhaps something you have read ‘clicks’ with your own understanding and thoughts about what’s happening in New Zealand today.

Why don’t you write to your MP, write to the media, or call talkback radio
Here's an advocacy toolkit in which you can follow links and write to your MP, or do a letter to the editor

Check it out, and check out the tips on writing to editors and to your MP's.


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