Friday, August 12, 2005

Every Child Counts campaigns for the removal of s59

Every Child Counts, an organisation that denies that it was set up to ensure that all parents do not have the option of physically disciplining their parents, have denied that they exist to ban parental smacking. It says that their campaign to repeal section s59 of the Crimes Act is a marginal issue and it has not adopted a formal policy position on s59.

However the Every Child Counts website is campaigning for s59 to be removed and not all affiliated groupls like this.THe others arent aefen aware that it is happening as no communicatin is provided to affiliated groupls and individuals. Banning smacking is a formal position, even though it is not a formal policy position. On its questions for political candidates page is this question:
New Zealand and international research shows that children who experience harsh parental punishment practices have much higher rates of conduct problems, substance abuse, depression, anxiety and violent crime in early adulthood than those children whose parents did not use physical punishment. Does your party agree with this research? If so, will your party promote non-punitive, positive parenting practices and how?

And here is the ideal reply sought from political candidates at meetings:
Yes. It is convincing We will ensure that there is full and informed public debate about repeal of s59 of the Crimes Act and will develop and expand programmes such as the SKIP initiative, that
promote positive parenting,

Campaigning to amending law is a different matter to promoting positive parenting.


At 2:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and the answer is no, you gotta accept fundamental principles of humanity and existence, bad child hold out you hand i smack you, once, there you fixed hardly notice it did you, no more wag school now,


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